Marketing Start-up Must-Haves

Essentail marekting tools for startups.Typically, when an entrepreneur has a business idea, completes the plan, and is ready to market, the first thing that comes to mind is designing and developing their website.

To build any website, many things need to be taken into account.  For example: a logical road-map,  crucial business information, website security,  social media, and more.  For a good list of 10 Essential Features of Good Business Website, follow this.

But what about the contact information, what telephone number do they use?  Their cell phone?  Their home phone?   Every start-up company needs a dedicated telephone number, which rings to an automated greeting welcoming the caller to the company:

Thank you for calling Start-Up ABC, if you know your parties extension, please dial it now, otherwise please hold the line and you will be connected to the next available agent

Nothing says more about your company when a prospective client calls you and is welcomed with a professional greeting.   How are your customers greeted when they call you?  Find out more about getting your start-up sounding more professional.

Essentail marekting tools for startups.

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