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With Slingshot, you can quickly get your business VoIP system up and running, hassle-free. No online quotes, no deposits, no setup fees, no pesky sales representatives. Simply select a plan, choose your phone number, and configure your system. Within 5 minutes, your business phone system will be set up and ready to take and make calls. It couldn’t be easier.

[process_steps type=”vertical” size=”large”] [process_step title=”Select Plan Type” icon=”building-o” icon_color=”#208600″ link=”/virtual-pbx/”]We have 2 different virtual PBX pricing plans that provide the most flexible options to get started. Select between our Business VoIP or Virtual Office plans.[/process_step]

[process_step title=”Choose Phone Number” icon=”phone” icon_color=”#0B95FF”]Our business VoIP network has access to every city center across US and Canada. Choose a local or toll-free number for your business. Have an existing number? No problem, we can transfer it with ease.[/process_step]

[process_step title=”Configure System” icon=”cogs” icon_color=”#5C11FF”]Simply set a greeting, program one extension, and voila, you are up and running. Continue to configure your account by adding team members, creating departments, customizing IVR menus, and setting up VoIP phones.[/process_step][/process_steps]

[button class=”learnmore1″ link=”/business-voip/phone-numbers/” linkTarget”_self” size=”large” align=”center” bgColor=”#9A6BFF”]Local and Toll-Free Numbers[/button]

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