Your Business

Cloud-based Business VoIP Phone Network

Streamline Your Communications

Our Business VoIP communications platform is built in the cloud and will grow and scale with you.

Digital Receptionist

Professionally greet all your customers by adding a custom greeting to every incoming call

Complete Solution

Complete Virtual PBX cloud communication including conference bridge, toll free/local numbers, and more

Virtual Office

Whether you work from home, coffee shop, or office, have the flexibility of a truly mobile solution 

Get Your Own Toll-Free Number

What telephone number are you publishing on your website or giving out your to your customers? A toll-free number gives your business it’s own identity, a perception that you have invested in its own infrastructure as you have outgrown your mobile phone number.

Professionally Greet All Your Callers with a Digital Receptionist

Thank you for calling My Wonderful Business, if you know your parties extension, please dial it now, otherwise, please press 1 for sales, 2 for support, or hold the line for the next available representative.

No Strings Attached

Yes, you heard it right.  With plans starting at $19 per user per month, have the freedom to grow and expand your business at your speed. We have a 30 day guarantee, no strings attached.

Satisfied Customers

Edward Woods
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We switched from another provider to Slingshot after doing a tonne of research. We were not disappointed. They system works excellent and the customer service is phenomenal.
Patrick Nicol
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We moved our company to Slingshot for our all in one, VOIP and inter office communication tool.  It has been amazing and the few small things that weren't working were corrected in a speedy manner.  I would recommend them to anyone!
Cate Russell
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Overall great experience using Slingshot so far! Highly recommend
Newgirl Tee
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I'm a new user with Slingshot. The customer service is impeccable. Dwanye has helped me get my phone system setup for my small business. And so far I'm loving it.  Thanks Slingshot!!
Sai Pendyala
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I am new to slingshot voip, Dwayne was great in explaining their features and system. He understood my business needs and provided with services that are required. He didn't try to upsell Slingshot products to me. I am really impressed with their support services as well, especially Edwin and Jaak who helped me with on boarding and business phone setup. I hope their quality remains the same for years to come. I am a startup and as my business grows there are more upgrades to come. I am hoping Slingshot voip will remain as my business phone service provider.
Lataya Small
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I'm a new user with Slingshot. And so far, I'm loving the system, it's perfect for my small business. And Dwayne at Slingshot, has helped me so much with getting the phone system that's suitable for my business. I would reccommend anyone who's looking for an easy to use softphone to try out Slingshots services.
Rebecca Booth
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I couldn't be happier with the customer service I received from Dwayne and his team. I would highly recommend Slingshot to anyone looking to replace their expensive landline with a more affordable option which offers way more features.

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