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We provide 100% guarantee because we understand that time is money. If Slingshot is not exactly what you are looking for or expected, we will provide 100% money back no questions asked.

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With a customer-centric mind, our team consists of technicians, engineers and researchers. We continually enhance our offering through customer feedback and constant innovation.

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Our Network

With a focus on a highly redundant, resilient voice network that guarantee’s service level’s of five 9’s (99.999%).

We currently have over a dozen points of presence (POP’s) and data centers across US and Canada, but are continuing to grow our network and expand our offering while providing business phone service, simplified.

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Our Values

Mission Statement

To be the best unified cloud communications platform in the world using a highly resilient, carrier grade network with a reliability up time of 99.999%.

Vision Statement

With the focus on our people and customers, our organic network continually innovates through research and development while delighting our customers.


Providing VoIP Cloud Communication service since 2006.

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