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[content_box icon=”building-o” icon_color=”#0B95FF” title=”Corporate Information”]dgNetrix Communications Inc.
204, 1205 Vanrose Str
Mississauga, Ontario
L5V 1W8

Toll Free: 877-776-0673
Fax: 416-646-8488
Email [email protected]


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[content_box icon=”question-circle” icon_color=”#5C11FF” title=”Customer Service”]Office Hours 9am to 6pm EDT
Monday to Friday

Phone: 877-776-0673, option 2
Email: [email protected]




[content_box icon=”comments-o” icon_color=”#0B95FF” title=”Sales Offices”]Office Hours 9am to 5pm EDT
Monday to Friday

Phone: 877-776-0673, option1
Email: [email protected]


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Press Inquiries: [email protected]



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2 Responses

  1. I downloaded the Bria app to my cell phone but can’t sign in. I think I need to reset my password. The app works on my laptop though. I work at Lawyers Financial and my user name is t.thingelstad. Thanks

  2. Hi,

    Are you interested in the updated list of companies using Ringcentral , Avaya, Five9, Mitel, and NEC?

    We can also assist you with the updated customers of – NICE, 8×8, Talkdesk, Cisco, Twilio, Genesys, 3CX, and much more.

    We also provide an updated list of IT decision-makers, Contact center/ Call Centre professionals, Resellers, Value-added service providers, and Managed service providers with direct emails and phone informations.

    If interested please let me know your target technology/audience so that I can get back to you with pricing, counts and more details for your review.

    Harper Noah

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