Year in Review: Reflections and Moving Forward

December 31st. 2012.  Dear Diary, it was a great year….”

It is the time of year that every business owner looks back and reflects at the year that was to assess their successes, shortcomings, and lessons learnt.   With that, it is an appropriate time to take what 2012 was, and create a strategy for 2013.  As all businesses, the number one goal is to grow the business by increasing the sales revenue from last year?

So what do you do?  Do you add more sales hunters to the team?  Perhaps you create a new promotion for new and existing customers.  Maybe it is time to look into social marketing and add more money into internet marketing tools like AdWords.  Another possible plan is to stay put, work with what you have and hope to make more than last.

At this time, you should be also looking at your company tools, infrastructure, and internal processes.  How can you improve your business to make it easier for your customers to reach you?

Table of Contents

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