How to Use VoIP on your mobile phone to make free calls.

Using VoIP on your mobile phoneIn a world where you need to look after your money anything that allows you to spend less has to be good, right? If these savings are important to you with the ability to use your smartphone, even better!

Most of us have contracts or packages that help us to make our smartphones work for us, but the question is, why pay for phone calls at all?

VoIP on the Move

Carry the freedom to phone worldwide with you, without having to pay for it. Mobile VoIP providers put the world at your fingertips.


Whether texting or calling, Viber puts you in touch with other Viber users both nationally and internationally. It’s free, quick, and easy to install and you can talk to your friends and family for as long as you like. The great thing about Viber is that you can zip from Wi-Fi to 3G/Edge without losing service.

Also a positive is a consistency of functionality across all platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. If you have Viber but your friends and family, don’t, fear not. Viber Out allows you to make calls to other mobile devices and landlines; the service isn’t free, but it is less costly than traditional calls.

Microsoft Skype

A senior provider by age Skype has its lovers and its loathers; historically there have been some performance issues. What isn’t up for debate is that it’s a major player in offering free calling and SMS messaging (texting).

Mobile Skype users will also soon have the advantage of free video calling; a service that has recently provided across Windows, OS X, and Xbox One.

Magic App

Magic Jack is known as a device for allowing you to use your home phone as a VoIP phone but the Magic App works over mobile devices to allow free internal calls in North America as well as cheap rate international calls.

Google Hangouts

Already there on Android devices, and provided with all Google accounts, Google Hangouts is one of the most accessible VoIP mobile provisions. It does have its limitations because the iOS app allows for both voice and video calling over 3G and Wi-Fi, the Android version only provides for video calling with all voice calling being routed back to the users own provider.

As with other mobile VoIP providers Google Hangouts allows calls between users free of charge. It also permits free internal calls to landlines and cheap international rates.

What is the Best Option for Me?

There are many considerations as to what makes the best VoIP provision. Individual choices have to be made based on your circumstances; what platform do you use, do you have a Google account, where do you live?

Think about all of these, read all of the available information, and go with what will offer the best value for you.

Using VoIP on your mobile phone

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