Frequently Asked Questions

Slingshot is a communications platform built on the cloud that provides a full featured virtual telephone system which includes automated attendants, employee extensions and voicemail and voice over ip capability.
Unlike traditional phone systems, Slingshot does not need any special equipment or complicated setup. All you need to get started is your cell phone and 5 minutes to setup and start receiving calls.

In your dashboard:

  • Navigate to Team Members
  • Hit Endpoints under the extension/Team Member you need info for
    • SEP Number
    • SEP Password
    • Proxy Server


To transfer/LNP (local number portabality) your existing number to Slingshot, you need the following:

  1. Get a copy of a recent bill/invoice that shows both phone number and billing address.  Please note that a physical address is required, PO Box numbers are not accepted.
  2. Affix your signature in a blank space in the bill/invoice.
Fax or email a copy to

Slingshot comes with all traditional telephone (PBX) features like auto-attendant, voicemail, extensions, departments and groups. Along with the basic telephone system features, it is voice over IP (VoIP) enabled, giving you the ability to upgrade and add special equipment when you are ready.

Have you ever noticed when you call an enterprise company or large organization, they all have a uniform greeting that goes something like this: “Thank you for calling ABC Enterprises, if you know your parties extension, please dial it now, otherwise press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support….” 

Traditional telephone systems are expensive and costly to maintain, an operating cost that most small businesses are unable to fit within their operating budget. Herein lies the communications gap between the small business and enterprise company.

Start-ups, entrepreneurs, consultants, and small businesses up to 50 employees who are looking for a telephone solution who are looking to sound more professional and keep team members connected.

We currently provide both US and Canadian national local and toll-free numbers.

If you make changes to your system and it has not been taken to account, please be sure to hit “Apply Changes”.  Apply Changes pushes all programming to your account.