Holiday Season Reminder

Edwin Frondozo

The winter holidays are upon us. Whether you celebrate it or not, the business world has certainly slowed down. 

Many executives, managers, and employees take a slow period as an opportunity to take time off work to spend time with family.  It is a wonderful time of the year.

With that, have you prepared your work communications to ensure that all customers and stakeholders are aware of your schedule over the next couple of weeks?  Information that should be included are:

  • whether  you are working or not
  • when you will be returning messages
  • who your backup is if there is an emergency
  • how to get a hold of you if necessary

Updating your communications will inform those looking for you and give you peace of mind that you have set their expectations.  The most common pl

Email Auto-Reply

At the bare minimum, your email auto-reply should be turned activated.  There is no excuse since every email provider has this functionality.  Sometimes it is called Out of Office.

Voicemail Greeting

If you have a professional business line, remember to update your voicemail message to ensure all your callers know whether you are working or not.

Email Signature

Updating your email signature to provide information on your working schedule is a creative way to inform your whereabouts’ stakeholders, and customers.

Company Phone Greetings

For small business owners or stakeholders, ensuring the company phone greeting is updated to reflect the season and when the office will be opened or closed.

All pretty simple and obvious tasks!  But I would be lying as I am guilt for forgetting to do many of them and leaving my customers waiting for a reply back.

Have a happy holiday, everyone.  Wishing you the best.

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