Using a Softphone to Setup a Secure Mobile Office

Edwin Frondozo

We all know how important it is to have an open communication line whenever you travel, especially when you have a business. Although businesses can run themselves, there are also those times when a decision-maker needs to be at hand to make those crucial, strategic decisions that could put the company in a better light.

Now cellular phones have been in the market for over a decade, which has solved the problem regarding the need for communication lines while travelling. However, the use of this solution can become rather expensive, especially when you are travelling internationally. In these instances, the phone bill can become counterproductive as it would increase past the projected cost and bite into the company revenue. When this does happen, you might want to consider the BRIA Enterprise softphone.

So what exactly is a softphone? 

The latest BRIA Enterprise softphone allows you to make calls over the Internet while using a regular landline phone number. In fact, you make and receive calls over your computer, and the number on the other party’s caller ID will show your regular business landline number. 

Cool? It gets better.

Imagine that you have to travel halfway around the world to Japan, but you still have your local business to attend to.

It’s going to take a month or two for you to wrap up your business in Asia, but you cannot expect your business partners, your staff, or even your clients to call you and to get those ridiculous international charges. This is the perfect time to download the softphone.

You can set up the softphone to work through your landline account. When you head to Japan and set up your mobile office, your plug-in your Internet connection, and launch the application that should be installed on your computer, then you are all set. People make that call to your landline number, that call gets forwarded to your computer in Japan, and you get to talk for hours without any additional international charges. They make a local call. You use your Internet connection.

It works the other way around as well. That application in your computer actually carries your landline number. This means that although you are physically in another part of the world, your computer’s phone is still in your local area. You can pick up the phone (virtually, since you will be dialling with your mouse), make a call to a local business in your hometown, and not get charged. You can even order a pizza, and the delivery guy will not know you are calling from another country.

Of course, you will need a few things to make this work. For the softphone, there will be a need for a high-speed Internet connection. The dial-up speeds will not work and will frustrate you since the audio would most likely be delayed or garbled. You will also need a headset that will connect to your phone, and this headset would also need a mic. Some computers have microphones and speakers installed on them, but not all have the power you would want to hear your callers clearly. Also, you may want to keep your conversations private and not on loudspeakers. The headset would be the right tool for that job.

When travelling internationally, spare yourself and your business associates from the inconvenience of long-distance charges. Get yourself a softphone and set up a mobile office that would keep you close. Your friends may not even realize that you left.

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