5 Essential Home Office Tools

Edwin Frondozo

I have worked from home and maintained a home office for 10 years now.  Besides answering the obvious question:

“Edwin, how do you work from home?  I would find it very distracting!”

With my standard answers:

  1. It’s not easy; you need a lot of discipline.  Trust me!
  2. Yes, it is hard!  But I love the freedom of making my own hours.
  3. I get up, do my morning routine.  Change into work clothes.  Then I go to work.

With that, I was thinking that instead of stating the basic tools like computer, internet, and dedicated workspace as I wrote in an earlier post titled: “Essential Virtual Office Tools.”  I thought I would focus on the things I use today that I could not live without.  Some of the things listed may be obvious depending on your role and responsibilities are with work.

HD Webcam

With the rise of Zoom, Google Meet and video conferencing because of COVID19.  A good quality HD Camera will enhance the experience, especially for the other parties.  I also take part in live webcasts and webinars where the video may not only be viewed by many people, but it could be saved and archived for others to watch at a later time.  The built-in webcam is OK at best, and if you are in marketing or sales, it is always important to produce the best results.

Noise & Echo Cancelling Headset

Along with an HD Webcam, I would like to add a noise & echo-cancelling microphone headset. 

It can be annoying to be speaking with a person who has a low quality one, or even worse, no headset!  All you get is echo, feedback, and a lot of white noise. 

Also, you may find yourself straining to hear the other person due to the low quality speakers.

3rd Party Devices

I am not sure about you, but I hate working off my laptop.  Yes, it is great, it is mobile, but it is NOT a workstation.  A laptop is not ideal an extended amount of time.  Having that in mind, I always connect an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse.  An external monitor not only gives you a larger screen, but an extra working monitor.  Who doesn’t like to work of two monitors?  A real-sized keyboard and mouse just allows for

Your Driver’s Chair

With the proper workstation in place, a comfortable chair is a MUST.  Just imagine driving a sports car sitting on a wooden stool?  How long do you think you can drive that dream car?  Need I say more?

I would love to hear what are your essential home office things?

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