Benefits of a Toll-Free Number

Edwin Frondozo

When online businesses are started, the first thing that is done is setting up a website, which makes sense. Everything done for that business would revolve around the website. The next step would then be to generate traffic so that people would know about the website’s existence, the business that is run out of that website, and the different products or services that can benefit the visitors. Then comes the question of getting a toll-free number for the business.

Having a toll-free number for an online business is a huge consideration. This is because the toll-free number in itself is an added cost, and then some of these numbers would still have charges every time the toll-free number is dialled. Depending on customers’ turnout, one might need to invest in a phone system that would handle more than a few calls and maybe even hire more people to sit down and answer the phones. Despite all these costs, though, consider also the benefits that you can get from having a toll-free number:

1. It tells customers that you are willing to communicate.

When a customer visits a website, he is either looking for answers to some questions that he already has, or he is interested in looking through the website to buy a product or service. Still, he will need to get a few questions answered before sealing the deal. Having a toll-free number on the website would show that you would be willing to talk and sell your service further, and not just post some text on the internet and hope that people believe in it.

2. It takes away the customer’s burden

Other businesses cut costs by not having a toll-free number and simply place an e-mail address or a form that can be filled out with a promise that a response will be given within such and such a time. This puts the burden of waiting on the customer and even challenges some who do not like converting their thoughts into text. With a toll-free number, you are not just allowing a new form of communication that is immediate. You are even telling the customer that you will shoulder the expenses of the call. All they have to do is dial the number!

3. It gives the additional point of contact that could be used to make the sale

There are ways of selling a product or service over the internet. You can make the website colourful, informative, aggressive, eye-catching, and several other things, but the fact will remain that advertisements and text on the website will be minimal when closing a sale. On the other hand, human interaction can be more effective because the salesman can adjust to the arguments that the potential customer would have. A good salesman’s convincing power is a lot more powerful than the text that the same salesman could put on paper. If people visit the website, have questions and call the toll-free number, then the salesman can make short work to close the sale and sell the service.

Toll-free numbers can indeed rack up the costs of the business. However, when these numbers are used properly, the benefits can outweigh the costs. Just like any other tool, though, you would need to study how it can be maximized so that the business can earn from it and not just bleed money through it. If implemented correctly, you can watch your customer base increase and confidently say that your purchase of a toll-free number is what caused it.

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