Why the Voice behind your IVR is more Important than you think (and how to do it Right!)

Source: Flickr Esparta Palma
Source: Flickr Esparta Palma

Every interaction between a company and a customer contributes to client experience. These interactions eventually build a perception in the mind of the client as to whether or not they are comfortable working with you. In the world of business, perception is everything.

A client experience can be many different things, often several things at once. It can be quick; polite; professional; positive; or any number of other things. When it comes down to it, you need to know what kind of impression did you leave in the mind of the client.

For larger organizations, the phone system is an integral, high value touchpoint with clients. It often represents their first impression with your brand and as the old adage says, you only get one chance at a first impression. The voice that represents your brand can decide whether you are perceived as a reputable professional or something else.

So how does the right voice affect this highly important representation of your business?

Here are 3 factors explaining why professional voice over is a worthy investment:


Put yourself in the shoes of your customer, especially those hardest to win over; the new ones. You are a consumer,  looking for the best service by calling around to competing providers. First you reach a company whose IVR system was recorded by the owner/secretary at his/her desk reading prompts to their computer microphone or handset phone. In the background you clearly hear smacking and snapping as their recording equipment doesn’t register every word properly. Sometimes you can hear background conversations or music that they didn’t realise the microphone would pick up. What would you take away as a potential client from that first interaction? Now compare that against a top quality IVR recording that was recorded professionally. After the call your client should feel like they just called Apple or Lexus, did you leave that impression?.

Showcase Personality

Professional voice artist’s can demonstrate culture, mood, emotion, intention, and even build a relationship simply through their voice. After all, it’s what they do professionally every day! A lot of businesses believe that Voice recordings have to be dull and boring, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Imagine the effect a Movie Trailer can have to represent a movie, how effective are the voices that are used for those trailers are. Voices provide tone and personality to the movie, which peaks interest from potential viewers. You can replicate that interest in your product with a professionally voiced recording.


Professional audio recording is not a job for amateurs. Advanced technical skills are required to produce a clear sound devoid of any distracting background noise. The recording must be done in a professional sound studio using high quality equipment. Our voice talents either have their own studio or have access to one, which makes it much easier to get top notch audio without multiple, time consuming takes. Voices.com jobs are done in less takes, are crystal clear quality and already cut up into the proper length and format. Understanding the time it will take to get a quality audio file is always something to consider when deciding to go with a professional or the DIY way.

Utilizing the right voice for your IVR can make a huge difference not only in how your customers perceive you but also in the amount of work it takes to get your IVR done. The return generated by a quality IVR can be invaluable to an organization. The ability to develop long term clients and repeat business will determine whether or not your company will grow, and that all flows from your first impression.

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