Learn to Destress after speaking with an Irate Customer

Edwin Frondozo

Escalated calls with tense, stressed-out customers can drive you to the point of screaming. These customers can be angry for many reasons, even over the tiniest things, and the anger all lands on you for answering the phone. They don’t have anything against you personally, you happen to work for the company, and you get their high-powered venting. Customers will scream, curse, call you names, interrupt you, and be very hard to deal with, all while you are trying to help them with their problem.  Some can be worse than others, and there will be some days that it seems like all you receive are ticked off customers mad at you for one reason or another, without a happy customer to deal with in between.

How do you deal with this? There has to be a way to de-stress and keep from popping off back at them, which can make things worse. Tense customers know how to push service agents’ buttons and get them flustered, whether on purpose. Regardless of the customer is having a bad day or likes to argue, it is your job to calm them down and resolve the issue. A cool head and a low tone can resolve some issues peacefully, and other times it is harder to calm them down.

These few smart tips will help you relax and let the stress melt away, other than going for a relaxing day at the spa. Helping to de-stress right after a call is something service agents all need.

1. Take a big breath of fresh air

Relaxing and relieving stress always starts with breathing, so if you can step outside for a few moments, do so. If not, then sit at the desk and close your eyes. Take a few big breaths and relax for a few moments to reorient yourself. You will find that it will help more than you realize.


2. Relieve tension at stress points in your body

Stress will gather at many points in your body, making them ache all over. This is not just from customers but from not sitting correctly at your desk as well. To help alleviate this problem, give yourself a mini-massage of your neck and shoulders. This will help to relieve some tension and help you feel better as well. Don’t forget to stand and stretch every so often. This will help to relieve tension in other parts of your body.

3. Talk it out

If you can talk it out with someone, a co-worker or even your manager. Some managers have an open-door policy that suggests if you have an issue, no matter what, it is to come and talk with them. Use it

4. Take a break

Get a snack, grab a soda or juice, or just read and do something that will help you relax and not think about work.

So when you know that the customer is blowing his or her top, keep yours on, and when the whole call is said and done, relax and let the negative energy flow from your body with these few little tips. Just remember it is not your fault. You didn’t cause their specific problem.

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