Hosted PBX The New Digital Transformation Strategy

Hosted PBX The New Digital Transformation Strategy As a business owner in today’s uber tech-savvy and connected world, how are you keeping up with the technology that enables you to create an impressive first impression when communicating with voice?   Does your company communicate to customers and stakeholders through using a telephone?    If yes, does your […]

Thank You for Signing Up to the 5-Day Email Course

Thank You for Signing Up By Edwin J. Frondozo, Co-founder & CEO Thank you for signing up to our 5-day email course on business phone systems. I’ve been in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years and I know first hand that phone systems can be complicated and confusing. I wrote this course to give […]

What is a Virtual PBX Phone System?

Benefits of a virtual pbx

Virtual PBX Phone Systems By Edwin J. Frondozo, Co-founder Click here to schedule a 15-minute discovery call to find out if your business can benefit from a cloud-based virtual pbx phone system What is a Virtual PBX? A virtual PBX allows employees to connect to the phone system using any internet connection device. This means […]

11 Key Benefits of Business VoIP

Benefits of VoIP in Small business

Phishing Tactics & Techniques By Edwin J. Frondozo, Co-founder & CEO Free 5-day course to learn how to build resiliency and business continuity for your business 1.  Instantly Save Money with Business VoIP Making the switch to a business VoIP provider can immediately lower your operating costs by simply moving away from traditional “ma-bell” telecommunication […]

Access Everything and Anything, Anywhere and Everywhere with CLOUD

cloud based hosted pbx

Imagine floating from one end of the world to another on a cloud, with everything that matters to you right in your pocket, such are the possibilities with cloud computing! There are quite a few benefits of Hosted PBX to list, and to list the most significant ones, it took a lot of research and […]

Why the Voice behind your IVR is more Important than you think (and how to do it Right!)

Every interaction between a company and a customer contributes to client experience. These interactions eventually build a perception in the mind of the client as to whether or not they are comfortable working with you. In the world of business, perception is everything. A client experience can be many different things, often several things at […]

The 6 Best Case Scenarios to Switch to a Virtual PBX

When to switch to Business VoIP

There comes a time when you are growing your business when you come to a specific problem or crossroads. Whether it involves hiring staff, looking for a new office, or maybe putting aside budget for next quarters digital marketing spend. Whatever the case, I like to call these “good problems” in business. When your business […]

Holiday Season Reminder

Holiday Season Reminder By Edwin J. Frondozo, Co-founder & CEO Free 5-day course to learn how to build resiliency and business continuity for your business The winter holidays are upon us. Whether you celebrate it or not, the business world has certainly slowed down.  Many executives, managers, and employees take a slow period as an […]

What you need to know before making the switch to Virtual PBX

small busines voip owner

It’s happening! You’ve been thinking about it for a while now and have finally decided to switch to business VoIP. Good news, you are not alone! According to a recent study by VoIP comparison resource Software Advice, more than half of prospective buyers were investing in business VoIP service for the first time. The bad […]

Business Phone Systems 101

Analog business voice lines, also known as POTS - plain old telephone system.

How do business phone systems work? This is a very high level introduction to business phone systems aimed at conveying the right message to business owners, executives, stakeholders, and managers for over 10 years now. The topics are as follows: Business Phone System Basics Types of Business Voice Access Types of Business Phone Solutions   […]